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Our Pediatric Dentist Experience with Dentistry for Children

We are thrilled to have found a dentist for all the kids. When age’s range from 15 down to 3, finding the right fit for all is pretty ah-mazing.

Ella’s very first dental appointment couldn’t have gone better. She follows the big brothers pretty well when it comes to new adventures, but she needed some handholding once she was in the chair. The Dentistry for Children staff couldn’t have handled her better – from talking Disney princesses to explaining each step and tool so thoughtfully. The dental hygienist was super sweet and got all the way through the cleaning – which is a huge feat in my book!


Dentistry for Children pediatric dentists are different than general dentists. As pediatric dentists they receive an additional 2 – 3 years of training that focuses solely on dental care for infants, children and teenagers. Dr. Roehl was ever patient with Ella and the boys!


I also love the open layout of the Dunwoody facility. There are several folks manning the front desk to get patients back quickly, and there’s a game room and theater room to keep the littles entertained in the meantime.

Here’s a great video with a glimpse inside…

My youngest boy, Winston (7 yrs old), had to have a more involved procedure done because he’s kept his baby teeth so long. They have a separate area for more specialized treatments where the kids can get extra attention. I was so pleased with the care he received and how the dentist kept him comfortable.

Each of the babes left grabbing a “prize” on the way out and all was right with the world.


Dentistry for Children has over 20 locations in the metro Atlanta area, check ‘em out by visiting You can also find them on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.



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