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College Football Hall of Fame

Atlanta has a new hotspot in the College Football Hall of Fame. Connor and some friends went to check it out and had the best time. And believe me, impressing 13 year old boys is no easy task!

When you arrive they give you what looks like a press pass to wear around your neck. It’s a personalized All-Access Pass credential with their favorite college football team encoded. As the boys maneuvered around the different areas, the screens would recognize them and the team they selected (Connor picked Auburn of course).
cfbhall_10.20.14The Quad is your entry point to the College Football Hall of Fame and Chick-fil-A Fan Experience, displaying helmets from all 768 college football teams. Auburn’s helmet lit up as he walked into the room.


The interaction and technology this facility offers is unparalleled. The Coca-Cola Fans’ Game Day gallery chronicles what it’s like to experience college football from the perspective of its biggest fans. Below the boys are at the ESPN College GameDay Desk where they got to virtually interact with Chris Fowler and Desmond Howard. I posted this pic below on Facebook and my friends and family really thought the boys were on College Game Day (hee hee).

There’s an indoor football field that includes a massive HD video board and a replica goal post. The field is roughly 45 yards long and 30 yards wide with a 10-yard end zone. The boys had a ball (pun intended) practicing play calls with the CFBHF staff.
Here’s a link to the full fan experience, we can’t wait to take the younger boys.


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