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diy christmas card display


I am NOT a DiYer…and you will NOT see too many of these posts.

This project was born out of my desire for a way to display our Christmas cards that did not require scotch tape. AND I’ve been trying to come up with something for years…and I mean years!

We’ve had a bare wall in our dining room for months that I can’t decide what to do with. I love unique art and the hunt for it, but would ideally like something with more depth and texture. I still have no idea what that looks like just yet, but I decided this space was perfect right now to display Christmas cards.

I had my heart set on a decorative wall of frames with ‘chicken wire’ in place of glass. Credit may be due to my pinterest subconscious, but in all truth I don’t know how I got my heart set on this.

When my sister in law came in town and I told her what I wanted to do we hit Hobby Lobby and she spotted these amazing reclaimed barn wood frames. They come in a variety of sizes, which was even more appealing {8X10 // 11×14}.


We found the chicken wire at Home Depot and I had high hopes of spray-painting it gold, but that never came to fruition.

The trick to getting it to lay well on the back of your frame is putting nails on each of the four sides and stretching the chicken wire just a bit. Not too much where it changes shape, but enough to make it tight.

It’s really a two-man {uh-hum…two-lady} job because once you’ve got it stretched it’s great to have someone else hold in place while you staple gun it.

Voila! The plan for our house is to move them to the hallway in between all the kids’ rooms upstairs so I can exchange photos on them throughout the year. I will plan arrange them on the wall with existing, framed 5x7s. I’ll be sure to show a photo on the blog once we make the move!

Happy DIY-ing friends!


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