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Jon Hart Design Luggage

Whilst navigating the airport on a recent trip sans kids, Mr. T and I finally acknowledged we need to invest in new luggage. Honestly, I love bags so much that it’s been a challenge for me over the years to commit to one brand that could take me from weekenders to wheels up. After asking around, I received many great suggestions but none seemed to be quite what I was looking for. A few prerequisites in my quest: high quality, durability, personalization {a perk}, classic and clean lines {meaning no patterns I’ll be bored of in a year}, ease of use {roller wheels and no heavy hard-shells}, capacity {I’m not known for packing light} and matching collection options.

After weeks of perusing suggestions from friends and many google searches, I was reminded of a brand with deep Texas roots and a devout southern following. Many of my cousins, guys and gals alike, are among the devout. This amazing line handmade in my home-state is my home-run with solutions for all my travel and on-the-go needs.

For more than 40 years Jon Hart Design has produced high quality custom and personalized bags, totes, and various travel goods & accessories right here in America, in the fine State of Texas.

Jon Hart Design || Made in Texas

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The bag above is the Burleson Bag. I started with this one because I love the size, it’s considered a 2-5 day travel bag. The removable strap to wear it as a cross body is awesome, and the handles are long enough to go over the shoulder. It comes in so many fun colors {see below}. I selected the neutral Slate color. It was a toss-up between that and the Kelly Green. There are a few options when it comes to personalizing. I love all things gold, so went with the gold foil. I absolutely love it!
Jon Hart luggage
Color options:
Jon Hart color options

Jon Hart Burleson Bag

Over the holidays I received this clear cross body they make as a gift. Since football games now require the clear bag I was pretty stoked. My old sorority monogram will be fun to sport for Auburn games. Again, this one comes in a plethora of color options!

Jon Hart clear bag for football games

So excited to build my collection!

Jon Hart luggage made in the USA

This is their latest color release, Lilac! It’s really gorgeous and I’m thinking of starting Ella on this color scheme. Won’t we be oh-so cute with our coordinating luggage.

Jon Hart Lilac Luggage

Lilac luggage from Jon Hart

This month they have a promotion for a FREE pouch with purchase, check it out!
Free Gift with Purchase from Jon Hart

No matter who or where you are in life or your particular lifestyle, JHD has a product appropriate for you or your loved one. Whether you are interested in Men’s, Women’s, Kids, Gifts, Sports & Outdoor, or a particular Season, we have a product that will stand the test of time for you. We strongly encourage you to come inside our plant and experience what we are all about. See how our legacy products are made, our skilled craftsmen & craftswomen at work, and why our brand has endured the test of time.


Jon Hart Design

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