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DeKalb Farmer’s Market in Atlanta

After over 10 years in Atlanta we finally found our way over to the DeKalb Farmers Market…and what a treat! If I were to dream up an indoor farmers market this is what it would look like. The greens, veggies, exotic fruits and herbs were endless. All lush and full of color.


Eggplant! I don’t have a clue how to cook this, but just love the coloring.


I do not know what the heck these are, but so unique we had to touch and take a pic.


It’s hard to get this stud to take pictures, he snuck in this one at the last minute.


 We had all the kids with us and it was really a treat for them! They had a shark on ice (which everyone had to get a photo with). There were live fish, crawdads and blue crabs in tanks that made it more like a nautical petting zoo. Here’s a little insta video I made to capture all the coolness of the tanks and fish:


Smelling and touching all the fresh veggies






There’s also an entire cheese department (my weakness), floral area, dessert bar and a restuarant that’s buffet style. You can park your cart and fill up a plate of steaming, fresh goodness. Definitely want to try that next time.


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