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welcome to atlanta rigby & peller!

I stopped by Rigby & Peller’s new Atlanta flagship store at Phipps last week and learned so much about the importance of fit and care for lingerie. My expert guide and stylist, Candice, walked me through the diverse selection Rigby & Peller offers.

They specialize in helping women find the perfect lingerie, nightwear and swimwear to match their shape, style and shade. Expect the royal treatment cause this 75-year-old company has served as the Royal Bra Fitter to Queen Elizabeth II.

Without pulling out a measuring tape at all, it quickly occurred to me that I’ve been getting it pretty wrong. The biggest “ah-ha” for me was where your bra is supposed to sit on your back AND stay.

I have some pretty well known brands in my closet, but after trying on a few of the R&P labels then putting my old one back on, it was undeniable how much more comfortable the fit and material are amongst their brands. You really have to go in, try on and see the difference for yourself.

Another fun {and potentially addictive} thing about R&P is that they are always getting in new trending patterns and colors.

Highly recommend stopping by sometime!
Rigby & Peller Lingerie Stylists London
Phipps Plaza



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