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Resolutions + Ella is TWO!

Ok the resolutions title is a little deceiving because I don’t really do resolutions, I would call them more aspirations. I love to challenge myself and to try new things and the new year is a great time to take on those things that inch toward the bottom of the list. Sooo with that in mind here are a few of my aspirations for 2015 (I may continue to add to this…but this is it for now):

  1. Cook more, and not the usual spaghetti night stuff…be a little more adventurous and try to really enjoy being in the kitchen. I think to make this happen I need to get one of these aprons (smile).
  2. Get up before the kids for prayer time, emails…whatever…just get it done before they’re up and the craziness starts!
  3. Workout 5 full days a week. Right now I average 3-4, but I’d really like to step it up. I feel so much better when I do.
  4. Keep blogging! This is such a great outlet and helps me document our family.

I do think having some new workout gear helps make workouts a bit more exciting. I snagged these on sale at the Buckhead Nike store, but you can find them here.

I think the ‘get in shape’ theme is resonating with the kids because George brought this to me the other day. The drawing is him doing a wall squat and holding it for 10 seconds. He and Winston like to compete on who can do it the longest. He said he’s going to do this EVERY night! Robby is working on installing a home gym in our basement and I think it’s getting the boys excited.

Ella turned TWO officially on the 28th! It really does stink for her to have a birthday right after Christmas. I’m going to have to figure this one out! We had fun celebrating and she ate up all the attention as usual.

I love this pic of the kids!


You can shop all this cream + ivory love here.


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