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we’ve moved announcement with paperless post

paperless post move announcement

Research has shown that moving is more stressful than divorce. I can wholeheartedly say that they are both right up there on life events that completely, and totally suck. Moving myself + four kiddos is not how I wanted to spend a good chunk of our summer, but a few things helped me survive!

  1. I was VERY ready to move out of our old house (for a number of reasons) so I tried to keep that in mind when the process got overwhelming. My shorter commute, new space to play with, closer to school, walkable to parks … these were all the things I could look forward to once the process was over.
  2. Purging is 100% therapeutic! I get caught up in wanting to sell things that I can’t keep or make it a DIY project…but those pile up and the more I purged the lighter I felt (literally and figuratively).
  3. Hiring a professional organizer saved the day. She got my kids’ closets in tip-top shape ahead of the school year starting, and my closet has never (and I mean never) looked better!
  4. Create an oasis for yourself in the midst. How I did this was by setting up my foyer with the art and items I knew I wanted there. It was something so simple, but it put a little pep in my step every time I came in the front door with more to unload. {see image at the bottom of this post}
  5. Paperless Post new address announcements! Let’s face it – stamping and mailing an actual card with our new address was NOT gonna happen (though you can do this with them as well). I love the platform and because I’ve used it for so many birthday invites, many of my contacts were already in there.

These are my two favorite moving announcement cards and the one I finally chose below.

Left vs Right

I love the color options with this Kate Spade moving announcement. Here are the selections I chose for what I was able to customize: card text color-navy, envelope text-caslon graphique in white and envelope color: amazon (green).

Do not miss the custom “Atlanta” postmark on there next to the stamp! I think that is an awesome touch.

Here are a few spots I’m loving in the new house. Nothing in these photos is a recent purchase, but it was like I was had all new furniture and decor while re-styling my old stuff!

My foyer as it was during the move, but I haven’t changed much. It didn’t hurt that this art is such a cheerful piece!

These brass shelves were a great find a while back at the Pottery Barn Outlet. I had them in my bedroom before but needed some height on the other side of the fireplace and totally loving them here in the new house.

Leave a comment or shoot me an email if you need any advice about an upcoming move. Check out for all the announcement fun!

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