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all about the neutrals + father’s day gift ideas

As a mama friend put it… “we are officially on island time” this first week of summer. And I have to say it is pretty fantastic. I think my body needed to catch up on sleep after the long school year. The  boys are going to be out of town at camp for Father’s Day so we are celebrating this weekend. We love The Big Ketch for dad’s day lunch. It feels like a little escape to the beach inside the food is fresh and delicisous. Here’s a list I’ve started for Father’s Day gift ideas.
dadcoolerthanmomI think this box sign is pretty awesome and pretty sure the Mr. would get a kick out of it.


No-iron button up {a favorite around here and this one is under $50}//dad’s apron//golf set and flask//monogram tool kit//men’s newtons

Here’s to celebrating dad!

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