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Classic black top + reading and watching with my boys

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Some pieces you just know you won’t tire of! This black lace top falls in that category. It has classic, yet forgiving lines and black is always slimming + fashionable.

I have a tibi black top with timeless lines that has been with me since sophomore year of college! It’s on its last leg, but if dry-cleaning hadn’t worn it out I’d for sure still have it on rotation to this day. Guess I really need to clean out my closet!

Classic black top


A black lace top is definitely one of those closet staples.

Black lace top

How adorable is this little handmade cape my aunt gave Ella for Christmas?!

Etsy handmade cape for little girls

Ella’s cape has a little different design, this one below is another one from the same Esty maker. They are heirloom quality.

Handmade little girls cape

Closet staple top



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Reading + Watching with my boys

I had to share two books and one movie that have really tugged at the ‘ol heartstrings as of late. At 9 and 8 years old, George and Winston have become lots of fun to read with. They ask great questions and it’s awesome to see the little wheels turning at substantive, thought-provoking books.

A Long Walk to Water is something we had lying around from Connor’s younger years. It is based on a true story, told in alternating sections, about two eleven-year-olds in Sudan, a girl in 2008 and a boy in 1985. Their paths are humbling and inspirational.

Salva is the boy and a refugee with deep ties to his family and heritage. He is forced to basically cross the African continent on foot with wild animals around every corner and learn the evils of the human condition much too soon. He and the girl {Nya} eventually cross paths in a very unexpected way. Salva’s determination, huge heart and his unwavering compassion will be with me forever. To say I loved this book is an understatement and sharing it with my two impressionable boys was amazingly special.

*Note: There is some violence that should be considered for sensitive children. I would paraphrase parts that weren’t appropriate.

Out of My Mind is a book I came across after the “high” of A Long Walk to Water. The boys and I loved that book so much that I really wanted to find something else we could all look forward to. I hit up Amazon and this book popped up as a recommendation. It’s about a special needs girl that is legitimately brilliant {photogenic memory and all}, yet can’t tell the people around her what’s going on in her head. She refuses to let the world define her and her journey is inspirational and eye-opening.

We are a little over halfway through it, and I gotta say it’s another unforgettable read already. I cannot tell you how much I love the questions George is asking me after reading each night. He even brings up Melody during the day in ways that have touched my heart!

The Denver Post says, “If there is one book teens and parents (and everyone else) should read this year, Out of My Mind should be it.”

I couldn’t agree more.  I’ve included the full description from Amazon books at the bottom of this post.

Ella and I have had lots of fun reading Girl Power 5-Minute Stories. She’s a big fan of the ballerina one! This is one that Robby Santa picked up for her, and it’s a top contender every night before bed.

Girl power book for little girls

Then there’s my teenager. He doesn’t let me read to him anymore, but we had a moment watching Mr. Church recently when Mr. T was traveling. Eddie Murphy is quite amazing in this film. It is about the true meaning of family – regardless of genetics or bloodline. We both absolutely loved it. I dare say it might be my favorite movie this year!

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