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Heavy heart today

My heart is very heavy today after visiting a friend and old neighbor recently placed in Hospice care. Our boys went through elementary school practically living at one another’s homes. They ran the neighborhood daily, shot airsoft gun pellets all over our yard, played lots of basketball until dusk and spent every Halloween of their youth together roaming ‘the hood’ trying to escape their parents’ watch.

She was diagnosed with an awful cancer less than a year ago and now is in the final weeks of saying goodbye to her family and children. I can’t even begin to imagine how one does that, but I do know that she will be in a better place because this lady has a heart of gold and a strong faith.

My tears flow for her precious children who will have to go the rest of their lives missing their wonderful mother. I know what this is like because I’ve been missing mine for more than thirty years. I trust in God’s divine plan and pray for his peace to blanket this sweet family.



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