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Our Disney Experience + top ten tips

We had such a great time at Disney this past week for the kids’ spring break (hence why I’ve been MIA)! The weather couldn’t have been more perfect in the low 80s during the day, and mid 70s at night. I was preparing myself for unbearable crowds, but I’ve definitely seen worse. Between my brother’s family and ours we had 6 kids to please ranging from age 13 all the way to 1.5. Disney made it magical for all of them, which is pretty impressive!

familyheadingtodisney This is our group shot before we hit the road.


I have to share that I actually enjoy long road trips because I either read or cover my eyes and take a nap. When do I EVER get to do that at home?! The kids watch movies and play amongst themselves. There’s not much I can do for them when they’re strapped into a seat so might as well take advantage! I finished What Alice Forgot (finally). I really enjoyed it and loved the ending. I started The Girl on the Train and it is hard to put down!


We spent the first day at Magic Kingdom and took Ella to the Princess brunch at Cinderella’s castle. I was so impressed, the food was actually impressive and it was all very organized. I wasn’t sure how Ella would do because she’s a tad young but she absolutely loved it. She was leaning in to give the Rapunzel, Jasmin, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty smooches on the lips. Ha!


The Aerosmith Rockin’ Rollercoaster is one of my favorite rides. It goes super fast right from the get-go and the music, lights and “pre-show” give it a fun vibe!


This is the face of pure joy! She saw this carousel as we were coming out of the princess brunch and literally cried in line until she could ride. Robby had to take her solo cause mama can’t handle spinning rides! They were too cute.

I am not even kidding when I tell you the last time we went to Disney the kids were throwing up with the stomach bug the whole way there. And wouldn’t you know it Winston and Ella got the throw-up on this trip. It hit Winston in the middle of the night and by the morning he was fine, but poor Ella was vomiting all over Animal Kingdom. NOT fun. Thankfully everyone was fine by the time we hit the road to come home.


The key to a magical experience at Disney is planning ahead…and then planning a little more. Honestly, this is not my forte but they make it pretty easy. In honor of our fabulous trip I’ve made a Top Ten list of tips and Disney favorites.

  1. Get the My Disney Experience app on your phone and play around with your FastPass options for rides
  2. Make ‘experience’ reservations as early as they will let you (we almost didn’t make in the princess experience because they were close to being booked 8 months out)
  3. Bring an external battery charger to the park for your phone (esp iphone users)
  4. Consider having walkie-talkies around your neck, especially if you’re in a larger group. I saw some people doing this and thought it was a great idea!
  5. Take one day in between parks to chill at your pool/resort. We did not do this and I think it would’ve been nice.
  6. The only place that sells adult beverages in Magic Kingdom is Be Our Guest (you can thank my friend Danielle for that one!)
  7. The Disney strollers are worth every penny for kids even up to age 8/9! They are easy to push and the kids don’t get as exhausted if they have the downtime in between rides. An added perk is being able to pick them up as you come into the park and leave them when you head out.
  8. Don’t waist your money on the Disney food plans. We’ve done the full plan and the snack plan, and I just don’t think it’s worth it.
  9. The Contemporary Hotel has a great restaurant on the top floor with a rooftop. If you eat there at any point during the day you can bring your receipt back at night and stand on the rooftop to catch the Magic Kingdom fireworks show. Best view and experience I’ve had watching a firework show (though Epcot is pretty impressive as well).
  10. On the trip I met a Disney ‘guru’ at the pool and she said if you use the word ‘magical’ when making a request to a Disney employee they will go the extra mile to help you out. I tried it out when we were trying to get a time adjustment for Tower of Terror and what to do ya know? It worked. Magic!

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