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Our weekend + blast lovin + major sale

We took a road trip to Birmingham this weekend to spend Easter with Robby’s family. I have to admit that I rather enjoy getting to see a different type of worship these days. In another life I could be known to be a little closed-minded to it, preferring only Catholic Church, and feeling like “it didn’t count” if it wasn’t Catholic. We attended a Baptist service with my father-in-law at their church, and though it was very different than what we’re used to now, and extremely different from a Catholic service, I was moved and lifted in spirit by what the preacher had to say. I also loved sharing it with our boys, which doesn’t happen very often because they are usually with their own age groups.

easterfamilypic2015Here is the obligatory dressed up family photo (minus Ella because she was running fever all night so stayed home with my mother-in-law). This dress is perfect for so many occasions. I’m planning to wear it to a bridal luncheon this spring. Shop it here, and shop my shoes here.


I have to tell you that I’m feeling very proud of myself for sticking (for the most part) to my five-day-a-week workout commitment! I’ve discovered the key for me is changing it up, and getting THE most out of the classes I participate in.

Around the time I found out I was pregnant with Ella (March 2012 by my calculations) I was a few months into taking classes at BLAST in Buckhead. I was giddy over this class at the time because it was pushing me way beyond where I had in the past. I would seriously have butterflies in my stomach going into those classes because I knew I was in for it! But once I was pregnant I just didn’t feel like I could push myself so didn’t go back.

Fast-forward to 2015 and my routine is now cycling once a week, barre once a week and running on the weekdays in-between (usually aiming for 3-4 miles…though it doesn’t always happen). I love cycling because it is a workout like no other-leaving me drenched in sweat and feeling like I’ve just won a race (even when I don’t even show up on the torque board).

However, I’ve felt my excitement slipping when it comes to signing up for barre. So I looked to Classpass to change it up. I absolutely love Classpass for this very reason. If you’re not big on doing the same classes over and over it really allows you to switch up the routine, and even the neighborhood if you’re bored with the same faces!

The last few weeks instead of doing barre I signed up for BLAST. I dare say it is the best workout for real change in Atlanta. Between the intense treadmill work and circuit work on the floor, there is no room for slacking. I think I’ve walked into BLAST a little more prepared this time since my pre-Ella days, which has surely contributed to my excitement.


Here are a few of my favorite things on sale right now.

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This aztec tassel scarf is under $21!


These rose gold flip flops are under $15

Have a great week!


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