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Wednesday Whereabouts: Pink Barre + Finds for the Kids

So this is week two of getting my five days of working out in and I’m feeling great. I recently discovered Pink Barre and I really like it. I’m seriously quite clumsy at barre having no dance/ballet background, and feel like I never get good at it. BUT the results are undeniable. What I like about the Pink Barre method is the cardio action they do in the middle of the class. One of the PB instructors told me that barre classes work the smaller muscles that don’t get used as much with a jog or spin class for example, which explains why it’s a shock to my body every time I go. Having that cardio in the middle of the class really helps loosen me up! I also really like the atmosphere and instructors, they are easy going and friendly. I’ve been to other places that can feel a little stuffy.

I love these leggings I recently purchased, everytime I wear them someone asks me where they’re from.

George and Winston celebrated their 100th day of school! We shopped at Goodwill for George’s hat and sweater vest. I haven’t walked into a Goodwill in I don’t know how long. It feels good to recyle and support their cause though. He was so pumped to get dressed up.

Winston and I made his poster of a 100 things. He was the only kid that used baggies instead of gluing all of this to the poster. I told him to think of us as innovators :).

I ordered this sweater from Baby Braithwaite in Atlanta just before Christmas (so order now if you want one for this season). It’s a little big on Ella now but I upsized so she could wear it for two seasons. It is really a keeper. I seriously want to put it in a box frame when she outgrows it! When she gets dressed in something new or cute now she says, “Ella pretty” then wants to show everyone around her. It’s really so adorable.

Every time I go in B Braithwaite I can’t help but buy Ella some kind of accessory…I was gushing over these bracelets so they had to come home with us.

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