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summer bucket list round one

Last year our family created a summer bucket list that included things like “go bobbing for apples” and “play in a sprinkler”. In that same spirit I’m going to start sharing an ongoing list of things on our radar for summer, because summer is the season for creating memories.

1. Go on a scavenger hunt. I’ve always thought this would be fun to create for the boys. Maybe pinterest can help.
2. Shop an artists market. There’s one on June 13th in Atlanta that looks awesome.
3. Take the kids back to Serenbe and maybe even stay the night. I took the them out there a few years ago to explore and have lunch, and it’s quite surreal. They walked up to a horse and pet it, had soda from a glass bottle and played in the rain outside. It is a pretty amazing place and the lighter summer traffic in Atlanta makes for a great time to go.
4. Read a classic book out loud with the kids. I heard Indian in the Cupboard was a great one for boys.
5. Make this! It looks like a jar of water with all the flavors of summer.

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