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weekend update: back to school

Weekends take on a whole new meaning once school is back. Lazy mornings are now filled with dragging the babes out of bed at the crack of dawn, scarfing down breakfast, packing snacks and making a mad-dash out the door.


I found this recipe and tweaked it and the boys are loving it. Even Ella will take a few bites. I love that it’s easy, packs in the protein, you can change it up and most of all – it’s great on the go.

Rockstar Breakfast Burrito
Two eggs
Protein of choice (one turkey sausage patty and/or a few pieces of cooked/chopped bacon)
Diced & sautéed veggies (my kids like red pepper)
¼ cup shredded cheese
Large flour tortilla
Salsa (optional)
Sour cream (optional)


Heat and chop meat and veggies, scramble eggs and pour over.

After eggs are cooked to desired consistency, add shredded cheese. Place all in the center of tortilla and fold around the edges like so. Then cook on both sides in a pan coated with Pam or olive oil.

Wrap it in foil to-go or eat right away, it’s great with salsa and sour cream.

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My back to school cuties got snazzy new haircuts at our favorite barber shop. Can’t believe how big my boys are getting.


Cheers to a great school year!


ps: Here’s what mama got for back to school (smile). Seriously looovee these earrings and rarely do I say I need things in multiple colors, but I’m sayin’…I think I do!

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