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Back from Vacation!

We had an amazing trip with our three boys and our friends and their son in Breckenridge, Colorado this past weekend. My sweet mother in law stayed with Ella because she’s not quite old enough to enjoy it yet. Though they start them on the mountain at 3 y/o so she’ll be ready next year!

I’ve been visiting Breck since I was a kid, but it truly is a unique experience every time. Whether it’s bringing new friends, skiing with extended family, exploring a new restaurant, driving to a local town or exploring new peaks on Breck…I’m just in awe every single time.
breckenridge_02.2015_01These are from the new peak 6 that opened last year. Amazing skiing with even more amazing views! This bottom photo is people getting off the lift and hiking to the top of the mountain…I wasn’t brave enough…maybe next time…

Everyone and everything about mountain life is so chill relaxed. From the ski instructors to the hostesses at a bustling restaurant-I’ve seriously never encountered anyone that was rude or un-helpful (and believe me those ski instructors put up with a lot from all those wild, oxygen-deprived kids!).

We stopped in this cute coffee shop after freezing our buns off tubing in Frisco. Hot coco has a whole new meaning when you’re in a winter wonderland.

Packing for Breck does not include my favorite jewels or latest pair of shoes. It’s basically flannel, jeans, under-layers and snow boots…and I LOVE it. There’s something powerful about taking a break from the hustle-and-bustle AND from your own closet (smile).


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