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Savannah Trip

We recently took the kids on a trip to Savannah, Georgia. Robby was gung-ho about using his reward points for a family trip so I got on board, and we literally booked two days before with little planning. I do like keeping the spontaneity in things!

It turned out to be wonderful. We stayed at a new Embassy Suites which sat at the backdoor of SCAD. You can’t go wrong with ES when traveling with kids because large rooms, big breakfast and happy hour all equate to happy parents.

Walking around town taking in all the squares, moss trees and history really is a delight.



The first day we made it to the beach at Tybee and set up camp for the afternoon. It’s such a welcomed, different feel from the Gulf where we usually get our beach-front fix. Then we found a little whole in wall spot to have lunch called Sting Ray’s Seafood. We were all extremely hot and ravenous, and though it felt like the creeky floor might give at any second, the food and service turned out to be wonderful!

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That evening we decided to do a ghost tour! The boys love that kind of stuff, and all of them are a great age to really enjoy the stories. Ella not so much. I missed a lot of the tour lugging and chasing her around, but it was worth it for the boys and Robby to have so much fun with it. Our guide was with Blue Orb Tours.

One of my favorite things we did was visit Bonaventure Cemetery. You may recognize the name from the novel Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, which put it on the map. The infamous “Bird Girl” statue has now been moved to the Telfair Museum of Art.

The boys loved popping around the headstones and scaring each other.

A few of the famous people buried here include poet Conrad Aiken, Academy Award-winning lyricist Johnny Mercer and Georgia’s first governor Edward Telfair. It really is so picturesque.
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