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Wednesday Whereabouts: Spring in Atlanta

As I write this Chippy (aka: our chinese dwarf hamster) is stuck in the floorboards of our kitchen. I was heating up leftovers for dinner tonight he and Winston were playing on the kitchen floor and he somehow found a tiny crevice in between two cabinets. You can only see the hole if you are laying on the floor looking up under the cabinets, and only Winston and George’s hand will fit in the hole. That is how small it is.

We tried putting food and peanut butter out to lure him with no success. Robby is traveling for work so my meager attempts at pulling out the baseboard were fruitless. Hoping the little guy is ok and we can get him out of there tomorrow…somehow! These animals are nocturnal, so I’m sitting in my kitchen with laptop hearing him scramble around and hoping he will come out. Fingers crossed!

The weather was amazing today, reaching mid 70s and feeling blissfully like spring! The little boys ventured to some huge puddle in the neighborhood and came back soaking wet then asked to play in the hose. It didn’t last too long because it got pretty chilly as the sun went down, but they ate up every second.

Clearly not enjoying this at all…

Ella is not quite understanding why she has to wear a top and the boys do not. I decided this was not a battle I wanted to pick since I knew they wouldn’t last long being wet. We’ll see how this goes over next week at Disney! Yikes.

Ella and I hit the mall today for some spring break essentials. She has become quite the feisty little two year old. Sometimes when strangers say hello to her she yells ‘NO’…I have no idea where this came from. The boys never did this and I get so embarrassed! It’s funny, yet not funny at the same time. I tell her that’s not nice and try to redirect, hoping it’s just a phase. Cake pops always do wonders too while shopping!

Here are a few of my spring break purchases. I love this swimsuit. It is strapless with a little flare and the gold buckle on the back is adorable. Red is my new favorite color, it goes with my other favorites-black and navy. I may not take these Loeffler Randall shoes off all summer. So so comfortable, they will definitely be on repeat.

Also, it is on sale for 25% off with code LIGHTENUP!

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