In Trendy Tuesday

Kicks on Repeat

Well Monday while I was out of town George wore two left shoes to school and the boys were almost left at the bus. I think Robby was ready take off the Mr. Mom hat. Its been another crazy week at our house with painting going on and moving the kids’ bedrooms around. I’m feeling very disheveled and like it’s never going to be finished. We rented this house for a year before purchasing so have been living with this horrid peach color on the walls for way too long. Here’s a photo of the family room getting started. I’m going to wait to post the finished product with the window treatments that should be up in a few weeks!
The weather has been so dreary in Atlanta lately. I’ve been keeping it casual with these jeans and these shoes on repeat.
halogenshoes_nordstrom_01.15The shoes are so easy to throw on and they work perfectly whether I’m wearing a tee or a dressier top. I wrote about these jeans in an earlier post…they don’t stretch and really tuck in all the right places.

Also, I just have to rave about the whole backpack trend right now! I found this one on sale at ShopBop. It’s just so easy when I’m running around with the kids and while I was traveling. I can just throw it on my back when my hands are full, which is most of the time!


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