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Weekend Round Up + Oscar Faves

Another solid weekend on the books filled with sports, birthday parties and school events. Ella is quite the lil sleeper these days, snoozing until around 9 am most mornings. Pretty awesome parent score!
winstonella_02.2015The frigid temps on Friday were rough, but I always love looking out of my office window to see the beautiful ice sculptures that form in our cul-de-sac fountain. We’ve been here through two pretty rough winters (coming from a Southerner) and it never gets old. Friday when we got home the littler boys thought it was a good idea to grab their lacrosse sticks from the garage and start beating the ice. I was horrified when I got Ella inside then came back out to see them banging away! Thankfully no emails from the neighbors…yet…
frigidtempsatl_02.2015My blanket scarf has been a life-saver in Colorado and at home. Shop my favorites here.
blanketscarf_2015Sunday I did a light closet clean out, and can’t believe how much wasted space I have with hoarded shoeboxes! Seriously?! A little confession…I still hesitated getting rid of them. Makes no sense. Hashtag crazy hoarder lady!

But on to more sane exciting topics…I didn’t watch the entirety of the Oscars, and seriously what mom can it’s like four hours long. I did love the fashion and especially loved all the “girl power” going on. Reese Witherspoon epitomized what it means to be a lady, look fabulous and stand up for the change you want to see in the world with her support of the #AskMeMore campaign.

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