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summer fun in and around atlanta

We’ve had a busy and blissful summer so far. I thought I’d share some of the things around Atlanta we’ve enjoyed in case you’re trying to plan a date night or fun with the kids.

The College Football Hall of Fame
Honestly, I was worried this would be over the heads of 9 and 7 year olds, but apparently I was wrong.

Even Ella who obviously can’t read, loved pushing the buttons on the screen and watching the boys play games. This is boding well for the Auburn brainwashing we are workin’ on!


I could’ve stared at the Steve Penley mural for much longer than the busy little people would allow. It is truly a sight.


We started on the third floor and worked our way down, which worked out perfectly. By the time we landed on the first floor they were ready to run off some energy. And Ella and I were able to score some Chik-fil-a at the walk-up window while the boys played. #winning


In total, I’d say we spent about 3 hours at the Hall of Fame. I was pleasantly surprised it turned into such an extended visit and really made me feel like I got my money’s worth.

Adding to the fun: We stopped for a pic at the Jackson Street Bridge and grabbed The Varsity (the world’s largest drive-in restaurant) for lunch to take in all things #ATL.


Hiking and Picnicking on the Chattahoochee River
Last weekend we needed to get outdoors. All the news from Dallas on constant rotation was getting to me. Mr. T suggested a hike and I was immediately on board.

The kids were such troopers, I think we probably walked about 3 miles and some of it was uphill. We stopped and had lunch about halfway through and they were fully recharged and ready to go. There was actually no whining – the boys really enjoyed it.


Ella had to ride on our backs for a few spurts, but mostly did it on her own and enjoyed it as well. She insisted on carrying her backpack and kept stopping to fill it with rocks and sticks along the way. It was super cute.

She also is apparently not at all afraid of worms…maybe this will bode well for fishing with her bros one day.

There are lots of spots along the river to hop on a trail, check it out here.


Atlanta Botanical Gardens
This past weekend Mr. T went to play tennis at Piedmont Park with a friend.  After, we met up at Park Tavern then headed to Botanical Gardens to take in all the loveliness of Chihuly in the Garden. It was mighty hot but mighty beautiful as well!


Rose all day!

Timing this visit is key if you ask me. Arriving about 45 minutes to an hour before sunset allows you to see all the greenery, then see all the beautiful glass lit up after dark.


Stay tuned for upcoming posts talking Lake Lanier Islands, Slingshot Entertainment and Avalon!

Happy summer!

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