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scenes from the weekend…cuz it was a pretty one

This Saturday was picture-perfect. Before the rain set in on Sunday, we had lots of fun in the sun with friends. Ella had a birthday party to celebrate with a school friend and it was the cutest! Belle {as in Princess Belle} arrived and she didn’t just twirl around and look the part … she read a book, painted nails, painted faced and made balloon animals. Whaaa? My lil Elsa princess was in heaven!

princess party

Our friends that hosted found this lovely Belle by recommendation. The company is called Dream Friends Entertainment Atlanta.

Primping and painting outside.

This was my outfit of the day on Saturday. Loving the pink.
street style

Ella and I hit the park in the afternoon … yea, we are pro-park goers! ha! {pink folding chair for mama + pink folding chair for mini}

These shoes scream summer and I love the height they give this shorty.

The boys and Mr. T were supposed to go on a camping trip they’ve had scheduled for months with some friends, but rainy forecasts deterred plans. Improvising, we had a fun dinner at our friend’s house while the boys ran wild in their amazing yard. Seriously, their yard can hold a flame to camping {minus the sleeping outside part}. The 5 boys chased one another, hiding behind trees and throwing pine cone bombs while the younger ones entertained themselves in the sandbox. After dinner the outdoor fun continued with s’mores around the fire pit.

atlanta outdoors

The S’mores Situation…

atlanta outdoors

What did y’all do this weekend?!

southern blogger

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navy heel

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