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5 closet hacks to get organized

I recently cleaned out our master closet and shifted all winter wear to the guest room closet. This is the first year I’ve separated seasonal items, and I have to say I’m loving it. Outfit planning is so much easier and the clean out also forced me to get rid of lots. Win…win…

Five closet hacks to get organized {that cost virtually nothing} Click To Tweet
  1. Use bubble wrap and paper from delivery boxes to fill handbags and luggage… and feel good about recycling!
  2. Hang jeans by the belt loop
  3. Use double racks where you have the space and place shorter skirts and shorts on the bottom
  4. Place a shoe organizer over a door out of sight for sandals
  5. Create a blank “canvas” area for outfit planning

The dreaded before pic…

recycle mailer boxes

This has been a great solution to all my bags laying on top of one another, with no organization.

organize handbags

organize your handbags
This is the before pic of my denim situation…
how to organize your denim
Hanging now by the belt loop, with some of them doubled or tripled up on a hangar.
organize denim for closet organization

Sandals are now hanging behind our bathroom door out of sight.
shoe and sandal organization

These double racks have been awesome for increasing hanging space and helping to organize my shorts and skirts.
double closet hanging space

Organizing tops by color is how I opted to organize.
closet organization by color

Here’s the closet organization section I’m really digging!
Outfit planning and closet organization

outfit planning and closet organization

Really pleased with the final result…

closet organizing

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