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Valentines Day: gifting, gaming, wearing

Valentines Gift Ideas

Valentines Gift for HerShop pink tassel earrings {they come in 18 wonderful colors}

I am in charge of games for George’s Valentine’s Day party next week, so I thought I’d share what he and I came up with. Believe it or not, we didn’t even hit up pinterest for these.

I decided we will break it up into 4 stations of games for the kids to rotate around. I’ve done games in the past where it can get overwhelming when everyone is participating in the same game. Hopefully this will break it up and allow for less downtime.

Station #1:”Pin the Heart on your Honey”
Materials: Felt heart cut-outs, adhesive for the hearts to stick on board, oversized poster with drawing of human body {George is our local artist so he is planning to draw it}, blindfold
Instructions: Have the kids in this group line up and take turns trying to place the ❤️in the correct spot.

Station #2: “Guess how many jellies are in the jar”
This one is pretty self explanatory…jelly beans and a jar. We did it at Christmas and the kids loved it. Be sure to have a prize for the person that gets closest to the correct answer.

Station #3: “X’s and O’x Tic-Tac-Toe”
Materials: Festive duct tape, oversize/sturdy X’s and O’s {5 of each} decorated as creatively as you’d like
Instructions: Place the tape on the floor in the shape of a pound/number sign and let kids two-at-a-time play

Station #4: “Bean Bag Toss for Bites”
Materials: Cut out 3-5 heart shaped designs to tape to the floor, bean bags, bites {could be something a little healthier, brownie bits or candy}, festive duct tape
Instructions: Make a line for the children to stand behind with the duct tape, then tape all of the hearts to the floor for them to throw the bean bags towards. If they get a bag on a heart then they get a little prize.
Note: You could also do a point system by labeling the hearts taped on the floor and doing one prize for the person with the most points.

Create a custom case for your better half!

Gift ideas for the wifey {hint: share with the hubs}

First off, don’t forget flowers fellas. Not every gal cares about getting flowers on a regular basis, but on Valentine’s Day it’s pretty much required. Right now you can get 20% Off your order + free shipping at The Bouqs! Their arrangements are gorgeous.Use code ROMANCE20.

Here are a few fun gift ideas:

Wearing for a date night

Honestly, we are likely having a family V-day since Mr.T and I will be leaving town a few days later. I love these options from BCBG. Almost everything here is 30% off.

What to wear for Valentines Day



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