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5 fall trends mamas can embrace

Generally speaking, I have a hard time picking a favorite season, but hands-down Fall is the best for fashion. The colors, cooler temps, layers and shoe options are a combination that’s hard not to love. And it has officially arrived!

I don’t know ‘bout you guys, but I have to run new trends through what I like to call, The Mama Litmus Test. As a mom on the go + working part-time, I like to be practical about what I embrace heading into a new season.

I thought it would be fun to share my top 5 five faves and how I’m embracing and/or adapting the trend.

    1. Let’s start with an easy one – the sneaks. They’re hot right now and available in a variety of price points. Easy and comfy are a no-brainer! Pair ‘em with the casual but they also work great with a cotton midi skirt or dress. Basically, you can’t go wrong. Look out for how I sport them on Instagram, I just ordered these.

    2. The Choker. This is new and may be fleeting. Who can say? I myself appreciate a more layered look for this trend. Loving this Bauble Bar option here I just ordered. This is styled by Victoria from A Gallon of Glitter._padHb4t22LjeMZiBXWRF_ZlvGWBk6yhD3oIHlzk0V8=
    3. Frayed hem denim. I recently purchased a boyfriend, distressed style like these {under $100} I love, but you can easily just trim up a pair you currently own. I particularly love this trend because it cuts the stress {no pun intended} of what to do with the extra denim when wearing the beloved booties.IMG_2686
    4. Off the shoulder and shoulder cut-out. This style continues to go strong and there are so many options! While Spring offered lots of short sleeve options, Fall has presented lots of long sleeve cuts in both. I say off the shoulder is more evening/cocktail, and shoulder cut-out any other time!offtheshouldertops
    5. Leopard, leopard and more leopard! It’s everywhere, it’s fun and it’s considered a neutral. Throw it in for some pattern mixing, a pop with all black, mix with navy – in other words, you pretty much can’t mess it up.

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