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christmas traditions + mastering the under layers

Traditions in general don’t really jive with my personality. I tend to like to change things up and lean towards the new and the now. But recently George was asked to share some his family traditions with his class and it reminded me of two things: 1. Sometimes we fall into traditions not even realizing it and 2. My kids love traditions.

He shared how I make a “special breakfast casserole” every year {which was kind of unintentional b/c it’s just the only b’fast casserole I make that they actually like} and how we always make them wait at the top of the stairs to be ready with cameras before they come down.

The advent calendar is something we do every year too – sometimes more effectively than others! This year I loved the one my friend Jamie sent me. I’m getting started a little late with it, but better late than never {am-i-right?!}!

In the Merry-making spirit I thought I’d share a few scenes from our humble abode decked out for the holidays. Here’s my favorite spot…
And the Christmas tree! I still need to add ribbon, but the kiddos sure did enjoy going through old ornaments and decorating.


Layering in the winter months is a must and sometimes it can be a challenge to find the perfect under layers to bring together a great outfit.
Here are a few I’ve selected that would work great under sweaters, vests and short jackets.

Happy Monday,


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