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texas thanks-christmas

Texas was a blast – it’s always so hard to leave all my people behind when the party comes to an end. If you read last year’s post you know that we celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday then switch to Christmas mode on Friday for a fun, old-fashioned family Christmas party!

My mom had 9 siblings growing up and I think the cousin count is somewhere around 22 and 20+ great grandchildren. It’s a pretty massive undertaking and my grandmother {aka: Momsie} is behind it all.

She’s truely amazing and her love for family and generosity is unparalleled – we’re all so blessed to call her our Momsie. We’ve been doing this so long I barely have a memory of a Thanksgiving before our Thanks-Christmas! Each family brought a photo to put on display this year, which was a new tradition I loved.

T Bar M has so many fun spots for the adults and kids. From putt putt to indoor/outdoor tennis to a heated pool and hot tub to a full indoor basketball court…seriously endless good times for all! We enjoyed a little putt putt before the rain started.

My bro has two boys and he is itching for a baby girl. He’s getting his fix with new baby Sloan.
After Thanksgiving we turn to Christmas mode. The cousins draw names for gifts and the adults do secret Santa. An exciting affair all-around!

My babes…
Momsie, sweet nephews and sister in law.
Having fun with cousins and godparents.

Winston and his god father, Norm always have the best time {hashtag twinsies}.
Speaking of twinsies…Merry Christmas time!


Check out this super fun casting call for a new BRAVO Television Series! Email me or comment below if you know someone that would be a good fit and I’ll put you in touch with the casting producer.

New real estate show for Bravo, called “Yours, Mine or Ours”
{seeking people in California, Texas, Louisiana and Georgia who are merging homes together}

Are you (or someone you know) in a relationship and you each own your own home? Are you about to merge households? If so, whose place is it going to be? OR are you considering getting rid of your existing places, starting fresh and buying a new place together?!

We are seeking upscale property-owning couples/ family members/ friends who are each bringing real estate to a relationship and are torn about where to call home. We are in need of all kinds of relationships from couples to newlyweds to daters to siblings and even friends!

Whether you’re living in a house, condo, apartment or townhouse, we can help couples to decide where is the best place to call home!

Our design and real estate experts will offer advice, tips and ultimately help couples, pairs and families decide which space is best for them.

Ideal candidates must be dynamic and outgoing people who are proud of their accomplishments in life, have great taste and an enviable lifestyle! You also get paid for being on the show$$$!

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