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Hey friends! I’m just barely keeping my head above water these last few weeks of school/spring sports, praying that I don’t let something big slip through the cracks. Something small I’m cool with, but nothing major that will traumatize my children is what I’m aiming for. This time of year seriously rivals holiday stress. No joke!

I think part of the problem is that parents take youth sports waaaay too serious these days. Don’t get me wrong, I love that my boys get excited about lacrosse, baseball, basketball, etc; however, even their excitement wanes when they have to rush from school, scarf down some food and get to sports 3-4 times a week to prepare for little league playoffs. I mean this is grade school, not the majors.

Any-who {yes that’s a word}…thanks for letting me whine get that off my chest.

Mother’s Day weekend was fabulous. We had a lacrosse tournament in Roswell half the day on Saturday, and got to sneak away for lunch and stroll historic downtown in between Winston’s games. Historic downtown Roswell is full of charm and a chic small-town vibe.


That chic vibe comes from spots like this at the center of all the action.


How ’bout these cuties!


She doesn’t mind all the lacrosse at all.

Mr. T and I got a sitter on Saturday night {after more lacrosse and a baseball game} and stumbled upon what turned out to be our new favorite sushi spot. Woot!

sushinami_sandyspringsA friend recommended Sushi Nami last minute and we found ourselves in rice + raw fish heaven. The service, cocktails and food were on-point.

Sunday we watched Buckhead Church from the comfort of our basement sofa and just chilled all day with the kiddos. Loving the #addressthemess series and highly recommend!

Gotta give the hubs some major kudos because he tracked down this Aviate ATL hat I’ve wanted to get my hands on since my friend Jamie introduced me to the brand. Apparently, they are flying off the shelves because The Merchant at Krog Street was sold out of the gray so he went to the Westside location to snag me one.


Sometimes it’s not just the gift that gets ya, it’s the thought and effort that make it all the more special.


I am not kidding when I say I love almost everything included in the Madewell sale right now! Seriously, it’s all so darn wonderful…but somehow I managed to narrow it down to these for ya. Use code UNIFORM for 25% off all…


one // two // three // four // five // six // seven



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