In style/ Weekend Update

weekend update: come on summer

I cannot believe May is already here! Do I sound like an old lady, or what?! The weekend flew by as it always does.

Saturday was full with lacrosse up in Suwanee with Winston, then rushing straight to baseball with George at Murphey Candler. That baseball game turned into a three-hour affair with rain delays. Wahha! They both won their games so all ended well. Had to be, at least in part, due to this lil lucky charm.


Morning breakfast looked like this…

We love the Simple Mornings muffin mix in blueberry and apple streusel. It has no artificial ingredients, but all the taste. The kids eat it up!

Saturday night we headed out to toast Caren West PR in celebrating their 10-year anniversary. They have a top-notch team I always love working with!


The festivities were held at Wild Heaven Craft Beers, and it was complete with a fab photo booth, petting zoo and low-country boil. I discovered Wild Heaven at a local restaurant a few months ago and absolutely loved it. The Emergency Drinking Beer is perfect for summer, and after trying White Blackbird I was sold immediately.



The Mr. and I went to meet up with a friend of his and grab a bite at Brick Store Pub in Decatur. The fish and chips were delish and so was the cheese plate.

Sunday was filled with more lacrosse and trying to soak up every last bit of the weekend. These two had a blast running rolling through late afternoon rain puddles.


Here’s the Monday outfit inspo.

Have a great week!


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