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weekend update

This was our last weekend before everyone’s officially back in school. It was a good one, filled with good friends and fun! The little boys had a birthday party sleepover on Friday and we headed to C’s first football scrimmage of the year. I wore another fab top from Gray Monroe. Here’s me and the littlest babe! She’s pretty much glued to my hip these days. I’m trying to soak it up.


Saturday Mr.T took the boys and Ella to see Ice Age while I went to a baby shower for a sweet friend. Later on, I headed to see Bad Moms at Cinebistro with a few mama friends. It was so freakin’ hilarious, we were dying laughing! The casting is perfection and the storyline extreme, but still so much relatability. Sometimes us moms take ourselves and our role much too seriously.

A few scenes from the movie actually gave me chills. For instance, when Mila Kunis is telling her son that she will no longer do his homework because she doesn’t want him to grow up to be ‘entitled’. I do not ever do homework for my boys (who has the time anyway?!), but I sure do worry about my kids growing up thinking the world owes them something.

One line in the movie that struck me was when Oona Laurence (Mila’s daughter) said something to the tone of, “I might as well give up on life and become a teacher…” (not a direct quote). This movie was written by two men; I’ll just throw that out there. But what does it say when we tell our children/daughters that becoming a teacher is giving up on life?! Very disappointing.

Ultimately, found the movie super entertaining and loved the theme – give ourselves a break and don’t seek perfection! Excellent tone to kick off the school year. This is what I wore for dinner and the movie. Love this black top to pieces! Here are lots of great looks from this same designer…


Denim // Leopard heels // Sunnies // Similar bag

Sunday was wonderfully relaxing! Mr.T took the boys on a little bike ride while Ella and I went walking and attempted the pool. Thunder deterred us, but we got a little dose of vitamin D.


I listed these super cute Hunter flats in my Poshmark closet, check ‘em out along with a few other things I put on there this weekend.


Also, we are planning a trip with some friends for a 40th birthday to Punta Cana…what do y’all think about this dress coming along?!? Love your thoughts either here in comments or via email!


Have a great week!


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