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slingshot birthday fun

We had our second birthday party of the year at Slingshot Entertainment and found there’s even more to love. Last March we had George’s friends come for racing and ninja fun, so of course Winston wanted to do the very same thing with his buddies. They make the birthday party experience so easy for parents and a blast for the kiddos!




When you’re trying to keep up with a 3-year-old whilst making sure 8+ boys are having fun and staying in line – a party coordinator is a MUST. We lucked out with getting Juanasia as our party coordinator for George and Winston’s party; she is the sweetest, most helpful young lady that remained ever-patient with the kids.


For Winston’s 8th birthday they started off on the ninja course, only hopping off a few times to jump on the in-ground trampoline. There are actually two in-ground trampolines and Ella and her friend were running back and forth between the two of them. The girls also enjoyed climbing up the super fun jungle gym and swirling down the slide on repeat.



Juanasia helped us set up all the drinks and pizza (which comes with a party package) and had everything ready when it was time for the birthday serenade. I love the party spot we had overlooking the racetrack! It feels open and you get a birds-eye view when the kids are racing.

Winston blew out his candles and begged to put his face in the cake…who can say no to a birthday boy with a sweet face like his?!


Happy 8th birthday to our sweet boy!


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