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New Year – New YOU

I do not “do”  new year’s resolutions because for some reason they set me up for failure…blahh. To be honest, I think I’m too OCD for resolutions because I need deadlines and when deadlines aren’t met I walk away. I also contribute my disinterest for resolutions to being a “creative type” … I prefer to be open to what life and God have in store.

However, I am definitely on-board with adopting healthier habits AND being more consistent in doing so! The start of a new year is a great time to make some changes on that front.

There are 4 things that get me stoked about leading a healthier lifestyle: 1) the getup 2) the workout 3) accessible super foods 4) looking forward

the getup: activewear favorites from a busy mama

I find that adding pieces to my workout gear every now and then keep me a lil more motivated. This sampling includes two of my favorite brands. I was once lulu devout, but have since branched out and found so many others that I love.workout wear for busy moms

 floral pants // seamless top // marbled leggings

floral pants // seamless top // marbled leggings

Also, if you’re looking to add some pieces and not break the bank, I came across this, that and more of this
athleisure for moms

the workout: stronger and energized

I was once a cardio-aholic {yes I made that word up} and close to total burnout heading into my mid-thirties. In college I ran almost daily and stayed the size I wanted to, so that’s the same strategy I took once I got older and trying to lose baby weight. Cardio does work to some extent, but I had kind of hit a wall.

The stars aligned and I was introduced to Atlanta’s best personal training team which includes Julie Jones of Excellence in Exercise. She changed my ways for the better! We had a small group of women working with Julie after preschool drop off and slowly, but surely, I started to see changes in my body.

I still have the pleasure of working out with Julie once a week on average. And lucky for you, she’s started a new blog to share her plethora of knowledge + have a little fun along the way! Her blog is Training and Champagning, and I’ve teamed up with her to share a tutorial and giveaway with y’all. PS: You guys will love her 30 minute workout posts. Check ’em out here!

Here’s the first part of the 12 Days of Christmas Pyramid Workout {and yes my pushups could use some improvement}…to see the next 6 steps head over to Julie’s demo or view it here.

Now for the giveaway…

Follow me and @trainingandchampagning on Instagram for a chance to WIN 3 PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS! If you don’t live in Atlanta, online training sessions are available.

greens not optional: get your superfoods in a cup

I have been TOTALLY SLACK about making my daily smoothies, and I ain’t happy about it! I see a difference in my energy level and output as a whole. I’m finally restocking my Daily Harvest and can’t wait. I don’t tend to be very hungry in the morning so this is my go-to and I’m going to try to substitute for lunch the next few weeks while I detox from the holidays.

Enter code DANNA to receive 3 FREE smoothies!

Here are the cups arriving at my door tomorrow, love to hear what your favorites are!

1 – Acai + Cherry
3 – Apple + Greens
1 – Blueberry + Hemp
2 – Cacao + Avocado
2 – Chocolate + Blueberry

I love how they explain what the fresh ingredients can do for your body. They come ready to throw in the blender and go. I will warn you that Apples + Greens does have a leafy taste to it, but all the others above are delicious! I even picked up a mini-blender for under $15 the other day to take with me to the office or on the go #dedication

Again, use code DANNA for 3 FREE with your first order!

looking forward

Whether it’s a trip, a night out with the ladies, date night, lunch with a friend, quality family time…whatever…keeping things on my calendar that I can look forward to is so so critical. I’m a firm believer in this and when there’s nothing on the horizon I seek it out and make it happen. Not only does it keep me wanting to look and feel my best for whatever is coming up, it makes life that much sweeter.

This weekend is kind of a biggie…we are headed to see Katy Perry with my brother and sister-in-law in Houston! What the *beep* am I gonna wear?!

katy perry concert houston texas

Happy 2018 folks!

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