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5 ways to survive the last weeks of winter

About this time every year I’m officially over winter and daydreaming about sunshine, sandals and blooms. The groundhog says it’s going to be an early spring and it can’t get here soon enough! If you’re already getting antsy like me…here are a few ways I’m making the rest of winter a little more bearable.

  1. House plants. Recently I decided to ignore my track record with house plants {it’s pretty bad} and place a few around the house. I really love the color and vibrancy a good house plant brings to a room. This Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is my very favorite! I’m following these tips I found on The Décor Fix blog to keep this guy and me in a long-term relationship {fingers crossed}.Fiddle_Leaf_Fig_5_7_foot_10240

I also planted some real-life succulents against my better judgment. One week in and I’m a little worried. Not photographed – wilting succulents.succulents

  1. Add some color…to your bod. See my previous post on the fab glow I snagged at Spray Studio Atlanta. Can’t wait to book my next appointment. I’m holding out for my birthday in few weeks to head back.spraystudioatl
  2. Speaking of the bod, changing up my routine with a new workout class or challenge level always helps me beat the winter blah. I love Classpass for this very reason. Right now I’m hooked on this new boxing class on Wednesday mornings. We punch real bags and they make it so fun I hardly realize how hard I’m working.classpasslove
  3. Plan a road trip. Before spring sports take over our lives we got to go visit family this past weekend for a first birthday party. In a few short weeks lacrosse and baseball will own me so I was glad for the chance to get away and visit with family.toryburch_luggage
    Tory Burch luggage

My Momsie.

  1. Spring for some spring getup! My Nordy’s catalog just arrived and I’m swooning over the neutral palettes and blush colors for early spring. earlyspringneautrals{lace-up sandals // saddle bag // cold shoulder blouse-top // cold shoulder blouse-bottom // sneaks // watch // candle // earrings}


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