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Eating out with our party of six

In our house we eat out at least once a week and many times even more. We definitely aren’t the quietest bunch in the room, but for the most part my kiddos behave (most of the time). I know many people that take eating out off the table (pun intended) when they have kids, or at least while they’re young. That would be such an extreme deprivation for me! I can’t pass up on an empty sink and clean table. What’s your family’s routine for eating out? Take it or leave it? Comment below…

Mellow Mushroom has become one our staples for many reasons. First, they have plenty of booths – and oversized ones for our large crew! Ella has completely given up the highchair ever since she saw her baby cousin in hers and now thinks she can eat at the dinner table with the big boys. Falling out of the chair on a number of occasions has not deterred her. Second, they have one of those stuffed animal machines that can keep the kiddos entertained for those precious moments while we sip our beer and wait for food. Last night we fell even more in love with Mellow Mushroom because they had free face painting! This was not your average face painter, she is truely an artist. Check her out at, the boys were beside themselves excited!


Party of Six at Mellow Mushroom


Winston so proud of his new look


I’m wearing this jacket from lululemon, which I absolutely love.

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