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Our weekend + easy recipe

We had a fun weekend that started with a little stay-cation night away at the Westin in Downtown Atlanta. I told R that I would almost rather do this more often than take a trip somewhere. Westin is home to the Sundial restaurant so the views are ahh-mazing. My sweet hubby planned this because it has been a stressful couple of weeks between his work travel and sports.

We met some friends at Cooks & Soldiers for drinks. We didn’t order food so I can’t comment on that, I loved their wine selection and the atmosphere.

We had a cold front come in over the weekend so it was a great opportunity to get one last wear out of my faux leather skinnies before it warms up. These shoes may be my favorite thing ever. They fit like a glove and the fringe is so fun when you walk, photos don’t do them justice.

Shenanigans from the photo booth at our preschool auction.


This recipe is about as-easy-as-it-gets and my go-to when in a hurry…which is pretty much always. You pull the rotisserie chicken, cook the noodles (these are the best noodles from Fresh Market) and stir it in with the dried italian dressing and cream to the desired flavor and thickness (I usually use about half of the creamer and almost all of the italian seasoning packet). Steam some veggies, toast some bread and voilà…dinner is served!

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