In Friday Five

Friday Five

Friday Five covers 5 things/people/news I’m loving or being inspired by. Happy weekend y’all!

1. Lilly for Target line, enough said. I love Lilly patterns, especially for Ella. The line is available beginning April 14th and I’m sure it will go fast. Here are some of my favorites, see the full lookbook here. There is so much to love.

2. Layouts for Instagram app. The app was released by Instagram very recently and I’m loving it. It lets you easily combine multiple photos into a single image. There are other apps for doing this of course, but I think this one does a great job at sizing for IG and making it easy to be creative. Layouts and Hyperlapse are Instagram’s only two apps, I highly recommend both.

3. I don’t know if you heard, but we women had a victory this past week in a ruling by the supreme court. Pregnant women are now more protected in the workplace due to the ruling in the Peggy Young case, read more here.
4. I’m in love with this blush denim from Free People, but can’t justify the purchase because I already have a pair of blush pants. The price is pretty great too.
5. Can you tell the splurge vs. save among these fab swimsuits? Find out here.

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