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thankful is a choice

Yesterday I made a big boo boo…like a $1400 boo boo. I got the email for our flight check in and realized I had booked our party of 6 from Atl to Houston rather than Atl to Austin. In my defense, we’ve been going to Houston every Thanksgiving for probably over 5 years.

I called Delta and when she first quoted me at $400+ to fix the flight I thought I might be sick. She helped me out as much as she could but for all of us to make the change it came to a whopping $1400. Ahhhh! 

I sat there as my stomach was turning and decided to be thankful. Thankful that we didn’t get to airport and learn of this error, and thankful that we were even able to get on the flight. 

It occurred to me that choosing to be thankful is something I don’t do enough, and something I’d like to do more. 

Within minutes of making these flight changes I got a text from my sister-in-law that PawPaw {my husband’s grandfather} was at the hospital for emergency stomach surgery. After prayerful consideration that evening, Robby decided he needed to be with his mom and in Birmingham in case his grandfather took a turn for the worse. 

So we are missing Robby this Thanksgiving day, but I’m choosing to be thankful for a husband that takes care of his mom and for all my babes and extended family we get to see today. 

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

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