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Auburn Game + Birthday Weekend + House Closing!

We had a super fun weekend celebrating Robby’s birthday with family visiting from Houston. Despite the devasting loss to Texas A&M, I still love my Auburn Tigers and was glad to be there to cheer them on. Also, it was so fun taking Connor through campus at his age (13) and showing him where our classes were and being there for Tiger Walk.

Here we are at Haley Center on campus where a lot of the freshman classes are. We showed Connor where Robby would wait for me after class ;).


Tommy’s pants are awesome with a capital A! This fella was kind enough to share where he got his so I’m going to try and snag Connor a pair before we see everyone at Thanksgiving.

This photo speaks volumes as I was not up for their cheering after the game!

This sunset will take your breath away!


You can shop my game day outfit here. The top is Julie Brown from Poppy’s of Atlanta. It’s borderline Florida colors, but I knew I could get away with it against maroon ;).

And in other news we finally own the house we’ve been renting for just over a year! We’ve loved this house and it’s perfect for our family right now. I’m going to be in full-on renovation mode as we get the ball rolling to do some updating. First thing on the agenda is a dining room table because we are still using the one from Robby’s old condo. The house really doesn’t need anything major but I’m looking forward to the projects we have on tap.


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