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kitten heel love + our house guests this week

This weekend we welcomed a family all the way from Moldova as they visit the States to raise support for their efforts through Campus Crusade. They will be staying with us through Wednesday making calls and meeting folks in the Atlanta area. We’ve learned so much about the impact of soviet rule over their people and the challenges they face as the Christian minority in their country. We are honored to have them.

Connor had his last school dance this weekend and I had to iron his GRADUATION GOWN this morning! I’m going to be a hot, sobbing mess later this week as he bids farewell to his middle school years. I cried like a baby {no exaggeration} his first day of sixth grade so I can only imagine what this will look like.


There are a few hours left to shop the Vineyard Vines Friends and Family sale. Shop some of my faves below. The boys have a gift card so I gotta move on it!


Let’s just talk a bit about how much I love the kitten heel as of late.

A little tidbit about me is that I often fill my virtual and real-life cart with beautiful heels in an array of colors, patterns and heights – but when it’s all said-and-done they do not make it home with me. Why you ask? Because I’ve come to acccept there is not a lot of room for high heels in the life of a woman with four kids.

Enter the kitten heel. A gal on the go can move in these puppies. Here’s how I styled my latest pair, shop the look here.

white tee//statement necklace//denim skirt {others linked}//kitten heel 1//kitten heel 2//kitten heel 3

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