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surviving the last weeks of school + wearing lately

Wow this week has been pretty nuts. Between wrapping up baseball, end of year events and planning for summer camps I’m pretty much ready to hide in the closet with a bottle of vino! Only one more week of school…only one more week of school…

Here are a few outfits I wore this week and really liked.

I love this scallop topshop top, and pretty much want it in every color.


I love this adorable rope belt, and it comes in four colors. Also, really digging the white blazer + white tee lately.


We tried out Bar Taco at Chastain this week and it was pretty fantastic. I love the atmosphere, margs are fresh squeezed, the service was impeccable and the kids can be wiggly without annoying fellow patrons. I had the cauliflower bowl and it was delish. The kids can be picky and weren’t big on the corn tortilla tacos, but the watermelon skewers were a big hit and they loved the guac.

I am officially dealing with a diva two year old. The other day she said she wanted a hat before going outside to play. I’m like – ok sure. I bring her one of the boys’ camo sun hats, and she proceeds to throw it on the ground, step on it and demand a PINK hat! What the what?!? I was halfway laughing because she’s TWO, but then I got a little scared for what the future may hold. This is her passed out after a big, fat two year old tantrum.

Tonight is the big championship baseball game for the Sea Dogs! George has had a great season and continues to impress us. He stays so calm, cool and collected on the field.

Happy weekend!

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