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top 10 amazon finds

10 best amazon finds

I’ve been on some group texts with friends sharing things that we love on amazon and beyond. Thought it’d be fun to do a roundup of 10 items I’ve purchased, love and would 100% buy over and over from amazon. These are the top 10, but I’ve included a few more below that almost made it.

#10 – Window Bird Feeder
We had one of these in our last house too and I absolutely love it. Little warning…don’t hang it too low on a window if you prefer bird-watching to raccoon-watching. We had a few raccoons that came on the regular to get a snack from our feeder in the last house. It was kind of fun to watch them eat as well though, ha! I have mine over my kitchen sink window.

#9 – Megaphone/Bullhorn
Stay with me! I have four kids, two of which are on the verge of being a teenager and can often have an onset of selective hearing. This has been an awesome lil gadget to round up the troops for dinnertime, get out of bed time, and general do-what-I-said-to-do time. All while not even having to technically shout…I call that a win!

#8 – Instapot Pressure Cooker
This has been so fun and easy to cook with, and I’m no chef! They now have a pressure cooker/air fryer combo which sounds even better.

#7 – Acrylic Storage Containers
These are perfect for organizing sunglasses, makeup, jewelry – you name it! I have them in various shapes and sizes.

#6 – Bluetooth Keyboard
This sucker not only connects to my laptop and iPad when needed, it also connects to my phone. I take it in the car with me to stay hands-free when I’m stopped or parked and need to type a text (learned that the hard way…grrr). Plus, sometimes those thumbs just get tired!

#5 – IPad Case
Not to get too techie here, but this case is THE bomb! Super sturdy, protective and I love all the swivel options.

#4 – Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens
I am a little OCD about pens. These are pretty much all I use!

#3 – Wrist and Ankle Weights
These have come in handy during quarantine for sure! I wear them while I’m folding laundry, taking the dog for a walk or making dinner. Puts a little resistance and I feel like I’m getting a little strength in without having to make time or think about it. I like a 5lb ankle weight and anywhere from 1.5-3lb for wrist.

#2 – Ninja Personal Blender
I love this for personal smoothies and shakes! I have the large one as well but rarely use it and considering getting rid of it…

#1 – {all-time fave amazon buy} Cordless Lightweight Leaf Blower
I use it all the time and all year long! I regularly blow dust/debris out of the garage, blow crumbs/dirt out of my car, clearing out pollen in the spring and leaves in the fall. It’s just the best and you can’t beat the price at under $70!

Here are a few things I love from amazon that didn’t make the top 10 cut, but are still awesome!

Nutrafol {helps me be able to keep my hair long}, Calvin Klein hipster undies {they don’t show lines}, The best PJs everrr {I may never buy anything else!}, Large ice cube trays

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