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High Museum visit + spring favorites

We had so much fun taking George on a special trip to the High Museum last week for his birthday. Not only do I look back at all my photos and relive all the beauty, but also it was very special to get some one-on-one time with George. In our house having quality time with each of our boys can be a rarity. George (and Connor) has so much talent in the art department. He can sit and draw for hours and I’m always amazed at his work. Having no artistic ability whatsoever makes me appreciate even more. Robby surprised him the morning of his birthday announcing we were getting him out of school early for this field trip (I love a little spontaneity), and what fun it turned out to be.
mollyhatchphysicgardenThis is Molly Hatch’s Physic Garden and it is pretty spectacular. She was charged with reinterpreting the Frances and Emory Cocke Collection of English Ceramics.


Taking in the view


The museum itself is gorgeous //


I didn’t write anything down about this piece, but this pic cracks me up.


This Frank Lloyd Wright Armchair (1902) is just gorgeous.

One of my favorite galleries was by the artist Gerhard Richter, but my photos don’t do it justice so you’ll have to go check it out for yourself.


Me and George in our rips :). He decided they were cool before I did. Shop this top and shoes here.

In other news, Winston received the coveted game ball for a killer hit he made after working on his swing with the coach. He was so proud!


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