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march madness…birthday style

As March approaches I always take a big gulp and prepare for the madness. Not the basketball variety…the double birthday kind. We do birthdays big around here so planning these back-to-back celebrations comes with lots of pressure!


Friday we celebrated Connor with a few of his lacrosse friends at dinner then a movie. Teenager birthday planning is no joke – he could not make up his mind!


Saturday George invited a gaggle of boys to Slingshot Entertainment. I’ve dropped the boys off for parties but hadn’t been inside before. It is seriously a fun spot! They hit the awesome racetrack first, and then headed to the Ninja Warrior course.


We had a great spot for the party overlooking the racetrack. Our party coordinator was super friendly and helpful. She helped me get everything set up and wrangle the boys when it was time for pizza and cake! George decided to impress his friends by putting his candles out with his fingers.


A new addition to Slingshot is the arcade, which is where I entertained Ella while the boys ran around. It was a blast for everyone…even mom and dad! Hello bottle of wine while the kids play #winning.


Happy 15th to my Connor and 9th to my George! Love these sweet words for them this year and years to come.

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