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trendy tuesday: woven bags

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Sooooo NYT Style Magazine has woven bags on their March 2017 market report {you know I love the drama of a soooooo}. While the ones they selected are fabulous, I was pretty thrilled to find this vintage bag for a whopping $35 at the first Indie Craft Experience I attended in Atlanta.

“In funky shapes and with stylish handles, they are perfect for the warmer months.” -New York Times Style Magazine
woven basket weave bag

Shop these pretties for a pretty penny or keep scrolling for my budget-friendly finds.

I went through all of my cards and bank transactions, but I cannot find the name of the vintage vendor from the Indie Craft Experience I purchased this from. She had an adorable daughter that helped me check out and I recall telling her these bags were super popular right now, but I cannot find her business link. Will be sure to update if I do! UPDATE: Ice Atlanta helped me find her:

Vintage woven handbag

indie craft market atlanta

Vintage woven handbag

This popular little thing sold out fast, but is available in black. Shop the Cult Gaia Acrylic Ark Bag here.

Cult Gaia Acrylic Ark Bag

Here are my budget-friendly finds…click on the image to shop.

Love to hear about your thoughts on this trend and what you find!

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