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We had a big time in Texas for sure. Ella and I flew into Austin on Thursday and headed straight to the lake to meet up with family. My five-year-old nephew was there so she was pumped to have a playmate, finally.

We cruised the lake on the boat most of the day Friday, and got on the tube in the afternoon. This is the lake my brother and I, cousins, aunts and uncles all grew up going to. Some of my best memories are here – it was an awesome day. In fact, the house we rented was right next door to a condo we always stayed in as kids.

I wore a black midi similar to this one over my bathing suit. It’s from lulu lemon and I can’t find it online, but I linked a couple of great ones {here, here and here} that could be dressed up or down. I absolutely LOVE my MZ Wallace bag, it is great as a diaper bag, pool bag or travel bag. It doesn’t show any stains and all the colors make it so versatile. It comes in a few other colors as well.
favorite black midi {similar} // bag //shoes option 1 // shoe option 2 // shoe option 3 // sunbum

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We took pictures of my grandparents’ old house and stalked the camp trying to spot all the kids.

Mr. T flew into Austin late Friday, and we excitedly headed to get the boys from camp Saturday morning. Thunder and lightening caused the much-anticipated ceremony to be cancelled, but thankfully the rain held off long enough for us to talk to counselors and load the cars up with all the trunks. Here’s a candid shot of the fam outside Connor’s cabin. Ella was giddy with excitement to see those brothers.

George and Winston were voted favorite camper by their cabin mates. Winston was one of the only kids in his age group to make it to the very top of the rock wall so he was selected for Wall Stars. George got an award in drama and told us about a very cool skit he got to do with his group. Connor learned to two-step, which makes this Texas-born-mama proud! He and his cousin, Tommy showed us their new skills the following night at dinner. They are pretty good! All the boys told us they said their prayers every night and sometimes even before meals. They were all very inquisitive with their fellow campers and classmates about their faith. Winston only got homesick once, and the other boys were too busy to worry about home. It sounds like they had a wonderful three weeks. I love this pic of Connor, he’s about a whole head taller than me now…eeek!

After camp we fed all the kids endless pizza at the lake house {9 in total if you’re counting the college-age ones}, then they headed straight back to the lake to float around and play. Later on Robby got them fishing poles and they all caught at least one fish! Joe and Momsie after dinner below. He is a couneselor all summer at Camp and took care of my boys…so thankful!

Sunday we said goodbye to #lakelife and headed for Houston. We celebrated my nephew’s 5th birthday by the pool at my aunt and uncles house.

Ella was an angel on the plane coming and going to Texas. Our toddler goody bag was a lifesaver {along with a Cinderella DVD on the laptop}!

I wore these pants yesterday — they are on major sale. They’re SUPER comfy and I’m about to also order the same style in pinstripes cause they’re 40% off.

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A few other things I have my eye on/loving lately…

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